Foreign Correspondent

Foreign Correspondent

Foreign Correspondent

Foreign Correspondent reports on major international issues and investigate stories that governments don't want told.

Foreign Correspondent - Northern Ireland - The Disappeared

Off an isolated country laneway on a remote area of Irish bog, sophisticated forensic technology is being rolled out in an attempt to crack a now notorious cold case. 21st century science is being used to search for the remains of Belfast man Brendan Megraw who went missing 36 years ago without a trace.

Foreign Correspondent -Symphony In Soweto

The black township was once a byword for suffering and squalor and now it's undergoing a dramatic transformation. Ritzy shopping malls, flashy cars, money-and thanks to a remarkable woman,an amazing music program and some very gifted children,it's now possible to become world class musicians.

Foreign Correspondent - Episode 28

Foreign Correspondent - Episode 29

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