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Episode 30
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Having a Chinese mother and an English father made meal times interesting for the Greenrod brothers, Jake and Martin. They have recently opened their third certified organic modern pizza restaurant in Adelaide, South Australia. They tell us about their experiences which led them to start their own business, and their food and environment philosophy.
Simon Barker
Jazz percussionist Simon Barker felt there was something missing from his musical journey, until he undertook a real journey to Korea, and discovered traditional shamanic music. Since then he's been discovering new ways of interpreting and performing this music, and collaborating with musicians from other cultures.
Girl Stars: Sandhya
Sandhya Sherring is a computer trainer and she owns her own computer institute where she teaches children to use computers. When Sandhya finished school she could not find a job where she lives, so she went to Delhi in search of more opportunities. But in Delhi, everywhere Sandhya went, she was asked if she knew 'computers'. Sandhya returned home and enrolled in a computer institute, and she learned so fast that soon she began to teach other young people about computers. Sandhya then took a loan and opened her own institute in the same town where earlier she had thought there were no opportunities. Sandhya is 23 years old and her institute is in Babina village, a cantonment area in Jhansi district, Uttar Pradesh.
Didgeridoo Choir
Mark Atkins gets a bunch of homeless men to make and play didgeridoos.
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