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Episode 13
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War Memorial
The Australian War Memorial is located in Australia's national capitol Canberra. As well as being an excellent museum it is also a place of remembrance for all Australians who have died at war.
Collectors: Kangaroos
Take a look at some collectable Kangaroos.
Interview: Kiran Bedi
Dominique Schwartz is a respected journalist and broadcaster, and she talks with Kiran Bedi - India's first female police officer. Kiran has been voted India's most admired woman and is the subject of the film, 'Yes, Madam Sir'. Dominique caught up with her at the Adelaide Film Festival.
Girl Stars: Bhanwari
Bhanwari Malavat is a police constable in Bikaner District, Rajasthan. Bhanwari was married when she was a child, but she still went to school. Although Bhanwari failed and repeated a school year, she persisted. One day at school she heard about the famous policewoman Kiran Bedi. Bhanwari thought she would like to be a police officer too - she thought that in this way, she could begin to change the world. Bhanwari is 24 years old and is in charge of the 'women's desk' in the police station where she works. There she listens to the problems of women in her district and tries to help as much as she can.
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