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Series 9 - Episodes
You'll find the full list of available episodes from Series 9 of English Bites here.

English Bites - Mountain Bike Riding
Join Jasmine as she takes on mountain biking and learn the difference between finish off and finish up.
English Bites - Bush Dance
Learn how to say dance with Suhasini and some useful expressions for talking about the past.
English Bites - Art Market
Gustave shows what it means to set up and give something a shot.
English Bites - Swim with Sharks
Learn a few useful plurals with Tony as he swims with sharks.
English Bites - Jacob's Ladder
As Christina climbs Jacob's ladder, find out what pass out and so far mean.
English Bites - Farm Day
Visit a farm with Suhasini and learn what is different about sheep and goats.
English Bites - Pandas
Join Jasmine as she admires some pandas and find out when to say seen or saw.
English Bites - Fishing
Shobbie goes fishing and shows what it means to say 'my foot'.
English Bites - Golf
Shaiful learns to play golf while you learn how to use reflexive pronouns.
English Bites - Bar Course
Today Shobbie learns how to be a bar tender and goes to work in a pub.
English Bites - Cricket
Join Shobbie and learn a little about both cricket and English.
English Bites - Kangaroo
Learn a couple of words for meat and eating while Christina cooks kangaroo.
English Bites - Graduation
As Jason graduates, learn the different ways to pronounce graduate.
English Bites - Moon Lantern
Find out if there are other ways of saying sit down and light up as Chloe enjoys a moon lantern festival.
English Bites - Makeover
Learn about dressing up with Jasmine.
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